A Campaign for Democracy : Driving European Voter Engagement

ICF Next, Hamlet, and Soundshape have come together to support the European Parliament in effectively communicating to enhance democracy as the upcoming European elections draw near. This strategic collaboration brings together stakeholders from across Europe to promote knowledge sharing, skill development, and voter engagement in preparation for 2024.

Inspiring 27 Nations to Vote
The primary campaign objective is to inspire and motivate citizens emotionally, encouraging them to cast their votes in all 27 European countries. To achieve this, the project required the creation of a compelling and emotionally inspiring video message adapted to 27 languages, each with its cultural nuances.

Multilingual Voice Talent Audition
A critical challenge was aligning with the original artistic direction while ensuring linguistic and cultural accuracy. We conducted an audition of 250 voice talents from all around Europe. We call it an audition because we required each talent to record the script with the right artistic direction, rather than relying solely on voice samples from previous recordings. This approach proved more powerful for the client, allowing them to hear the voice in the context of the campaign.

Key Achievements:

- 27 languages
- 235 voice talents auditioned all around Europe
- 100% compliant to EU document standards

Multilingual edit to watch below :

The Soundshape team really took in consideration the artistic concept for the casting and technical follow up. We were very satisfied of the multilingual result respecting the original version. Thanks for the positive & reactive collaboration,

Caroline Ectors
Senior Production Manager | ICF Next

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