AI - Video Production Workshop

Unlocking Efficiency: AI Integration in Video Production Workflows

Leveraging Video Production with AI

Our recent workshop with the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg was dedicated to the strategic integration of AI into their video production workflows. Our primary objective was to illustrate how AI can seamlessly merge with their existing processes, not only enhancing their team's skills but also significantly improving efficiency.

In-Depth Exploration of Practical AI Applications

The workshop was centered on a deep dive into contemporary AI tools like ChatGPT, MidJourney, Kaiber, etc., demystifying their functionalities and illustrating their practical applications and transformative potential in refining video production processes.

Practical Insight through AI-Driven Storyboarding

The session culminated in a hands-on experience where participants developed an animated storyboard, integrating music and voice, exclusively using AI tools to prototype a client project. This provided a concrete experience of the pivotal role of AI in creating compelling video narratives.

Key Achievements:

On-site training
- 10+ tools presented
- Execution of a practical AI-driven storyboarding exercise

AI-video Webinar (in French)

Reactivity & flexibility are the two keywords that define best our collaboration with SoundShape. It’s great to have a partner you can trust in stressful situations. 

Olivier van Zuylen
Account manager - 87seconds

At DuckMotion, we work for demanding clients with high expectations. SoundShape's online voice recording solution is game changer for reaching clients' needs fast.

Brendan Botrel
Account & Project manager at DuckMotion

SoundShape frees me from a heavy workload. I don't have to spend hours to look for musics or voices. I let them do their magic and focus on what I like doing most.

Mathieu Pieters
Senior producer at Proxiumus Media House

Our motion design agency is constantly looking for ways to improve our video. Thanks to SoundShape, we now have a solution to benefit from professional sound design in no time.

Davy Frot
Creative Director at Gorille

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